Risk Free Building

A Payment System made as it should be...

An easy-to-use, comprehensive crypto payments platform made for everyone. GreenWAVES manages the payment process from start to finish without ever touching your hard earned money. Start selling in minutes.

GreenWAVES Payments explained

Free for everyone

We offer you a risk free platform to start your business in. You won't have to spend a single dollar to start meanwhile we offer a Payment and Shop System, tailored for you, without any coding required. Sell anything, without KYC or product restrictions... With ZERO fees!

  • Accept ZERO Fee Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Accept Stripe, Paypal.

Easy and Fast

Want to grow out to a larger scale operation? Perhaps are you already there? We still got you! Integration takes 5-10 minutes and if you ever get stuck, you can contact our 5 star customer support. Compatible with almost everything, payments are processed as fast as the blockchain is working. No errors, no invalid payments.

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • No Sales? No costs!

Shop? Simple Checkout? perhaps just a payment request?

Yes, everything is possible. No KYC or product restrictions. You are free to create your own business or just a simple payment request for your friend or anyone you know. We handle everything for free.

  • Zero Coding knowledge required
  • Zero Payment required!

ERC 20 & BEP 20

We support custom Tokens!

We support BEP-20, ERC-20 and even SOL Tokens! Want to add your own cryptocurrency to our platform? Contact us or buy from our packages, and have your own Cryptocurrency added to our platform for a small fee.

  • Possible to payment with YOUR Token if you contact us!
  • Contact us at info@grwv.app or buy HERE
  • No setup or KYC required

Other Benefits

Migrate to cryptocurrency for unparalleled advantage.

0% Failure Rate

Over 15% of transactions using Visa and Mastercard face declines, while cryptocurrency payments guarantee successful transactions, ensuring you never miss a sale.

No Chargebacks

Forget about chargebacks; cryptocurrency payments are irreversible. Once you receive payment, you can be confident that it's secure and won't be reversed.

Everywhere, any time

Traditional payments often fail in developing countries. With crypto currency, you can receive payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Payment card

Card and PayPal Payments

Give your customers the ability to pay via credit or debit card, PayPal and Google Pay. Maximize the success rate of the transaction. You will never lose a customer due to payment problems again.

  • Accept credit or debit card payments via Stripe or 2Checkout
  • Accept PayPal and Google Pay via Stripe

VAT Support

Automate the application of VAT for Europe, the UK, and other countries based on the IP address of the user. In addition, it is possible to validate the VAT number and remove the VAT surcharge if it is valid.

  • Automatic VAT calculation
  • VAT number validation
  • One-click activation
  • VATSense Support



    Collect billing details at checkout and allow the user to create a PDF invoice for their purchase. Create a custom invoice directly from the admin area or via URL in seconds.

    • Invoices in PDF format
    • Collect billing details at checkout


    We take security very seriously at GreenWAVES. The payment process parts managed by GreenWAVES, like the purchase confirmation webhook, or the checkout creation, are encrypted and developed with security in mind.

    • AES-256-bit encryption
      Secure encryption methods
    • Latest security technologies
      Always up to date
    • Login alerts
      Get login notifications
    • Encrypted settings
      All settings are encrypted
    • Double encryption
      For the most sensitive data
    • Low balance alerts
      Low balance notifications
    Secure checkout

    Transaction Reporting

    Export all your transaction activity. You can filter transactions by date, status, cryptocurrency, keywords and more and download a CSV file of your transaction history with one click.

    • Filter by date, status, cryptocurrency, keywords and more
    • Download CSV

    Perfect Checkouts

    GreenWAVES has a simple, yet user-friendly design. Multiple checkout designs are available, including inline, pop-up, hidden, and dedicated pages. Every field you enter is a checkout you accept. Its that easy.

    • Inline, pop-up, hidden, and page checkouts
    • Customise what payment you want to accept.

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    Redundant Blockchain Explorers

    GreenWAVES is powered by 4 to 6 redundant Blockchain explorers for each cryptocurrency. If one fails or reaches the limit, another explorer is used automatically.

    • Fault-tolerant software
    • 99.999% uptime
    • Powered by BSCScan, Etherscan, Solscan and more




    Do you have a WooCommerce shop? Use the WordPress version and give your customers the ability to pay for purchases in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    • Multilingual and integrated with WPML and Polylang
    • Complete setup in less than 5 minutes

    Do you have a Shopify store? Integration takes 5 minutes to accept cryptocurrencies on your Shopify shop.

    • 5 minute installation
    • Works with all Shopify plans

    And many many more...

    Arm your shop with the right tools and increase sales and revenues.

    Easy Development

    The Webhook, API System we offer enables every developer to take onto customizing their GreenWAVES Payments.

    Unlimited Transactions / Second

    From ~ 50 transactions per second for free, to 100, 400 or more by connecting explorers like Blockdeamon.


    Accept crypto donations securely via a button on your website, a link on social, or a QR code at events.

    Email notifications

    Get notified by email when there's a new sale or an error occurs, like a failed conversion or transfer.


    Both checkout and admin area are fully responsive and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

    Always up-to-date

    We take security seriously, thus we update everything according to the latest standards.

    QR Code

    A QR code containing the cryptocurrency address to send the payment to is generated automatically.

    Coming Soon

    GreenWAVES is constantly updated and more features will be released soon.

    Supported Cryptocurrencies

    Get paid in GreenWAVES, Ethereum, BNB, SOL, and more. For the complete list see below. Want to list your own cryptocurrency at our payment system? It is possible now! Contact us via EMAIL at info@grwv.app or buy our package directly HERE


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    Binance USD BSC



    Tether BSC






    Tether SOL


    Doug The Duck

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    Tether ETH